AGFA Structurix M ECO Automatic Film Processor

AGFA Structurix M ECO Automatic Film Processor

Waygate Technologies

STRUCTURIX M ECO Model Processing Equipment - NDT Repair Service & Supply, Inc. | Morgan City, LA 70380

Ecological Design

The STRUCTURIX M ECO is a compact film processor that occupies a minimal amount of space in your darkroom. The M ECO processor is versatile, in the laboratory or transportable in a mobile site darkroom. Double fixing tank, the cascading fixing system – a unique concept in the tabletop processors range. It processes sheet film as well as roll film up to any length.

  • Preprogrammed Cycles 1
  • Optional Cycles 1.5 up to 12 min. (per 1 min.)
  • Capacity (8 min. Cycle) 10 cm x 48 cm (4 Films Side by Side) 92 films/hour
  • Power Supply 100 V / 120 V / 200-208 V / 230-240 V/50 Hz/60 Hz/16 A
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