AGFA Structurix NDT U Automatic Film Processor

AGFA Structurix NDT U Automatic Film Processor

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STRUCTURIX NDT U Automatic Film Processor - NDT Repair Service & Supply, Inc. | Morgan City, LA 70380


Universal Use: With the STRUCTURIX U, you have at your disposal the most universal processor from our selection. STRUCTURIX U combines simplicity, reliability and universal use in one processor. It is specially designed for customers who use medium-sized quantities of film. The STRUCTURIX U is very versatile and processes sheet film as well as roll film

Offshore Use: In response to conditions and the demanding requirements with regard to access time, an offshore version of the U processor is available. This STRUCTURIX U offshore version suits the specific offshore conditions and satisfies the demands with regard to processing time (90 sec.) and reliability. Easy trouble shooting and repair make this processor especially suitable for use on remote sites. Moreover, the built-in developer cooler allows operation in warm climates.

  • Preprogrammed Cycles 1
  • Optional Cycles 3 up to 12 min. (per 1 min.) OS-cycles: 1.5/2/2.5
  • Capacity (8 min. Cycle) 10 cm x 48 cm (4 Films Side by Side) 106 films/hour
  • Power Supply 200 V / 240 V 50 Hz / 60 Hz
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