Ardrox 8901W White Contrast Paint

Ardrox 8901W White Contrast Paint


Ardrox® 8901W is a quick drying white paint which is designed specifically for the use in the color contrast method of magnetic particle inspection. It provides a dense white background against which black or red indications of defects can be seen readily. Ardrox® 8901W is ideal for use with either oil based or water based magnetic inks.

Ardrox® 8901W is available as aerosol cans. It offers optimal performances when used together with the color contrast magnetic inks Ardrox® 800/3 or 8032.

✓ ASME                               Boiler & Vessel Code Section V, Article 7
✓ CEN ISO                           EN ISO 9934-2
✓ Rolls Royce                     OMat 264 (approval)

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