Echo 8 ZH

Echo 8 ZH

Echo Ultrasonics

Echo 8 ZH’s enhanced acoustic impedance reduces surface roughness acoustic noise and covers a broad range of ultrasonic applications.

Applications include flow metering and long-term monitoring at elevated temperatures.

Resists drying, allowing long-term coupling without reapplication, and is the best choice for long-term monitoring, such as flow metering.


Operating Range Long term monitoring (sensors): -45˚ to 400˚F (-42˚ to 200˚C)
Short term (minutes to 1 hour): -45˚ to 750˚F (-42˚ to 400˚C)
Auto-ignition Temperature 800˚F (425˚C) Viscosity: Thick paste; 4,000,000 cps Brookfield LV#5, @ 0.3 rpm
Halogens and Sulfur Less than 100 ppm
Less than 50 ppm
Density 2.2 gm/cm3
Export Classification HS Code 902490; Schedule B: 90249000080
Corrosion Characteristic Strong ferrous corrosion inhibition
Packaging 2-fluid oz / 59 ml (volume) metal tube
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