EchoTherm Extreme

EchoTherm Extreme

Echo Ultrasonics

The first and only high temperature ultrasonic couplant that has an auto-ignition temperature and flash point above 1300ºF.

With no minimum operating range, no residue, less smoke and no auto-ignition under 1300ºF, EchoTherm Extreme is an ideal couplant for port inspections.

EchoTherm Extreme is a high viscosity paste that adheres well to the transducer.


Operating Range -40 to 1250°F+ (-40 to 675°C)
Auto Ignition Temperature greater than 1300ºF * Test by John A. Kennedy & Assoc., ASTM E659-14
Viscosity Thick paste
Packaging 2 fluid oz. / 4 oz. avdp (weight), metal tubes
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