AGFA Structurix Automatic Film Feeder

AGFA Structurix Automatic Film Feeder

Waygate Technologies

Compact and time saving, the STRUCTURIX FEEDER converts the processors S ECO and U into a unique and practical daylight system. With the STRUCTURIX FEEDER, you can save time and expense in the darkroom. At the press of a button, you can feed up to 240 films an hour automatically!

Complete daylight system:
The STRUCTURIX FEEDER acts as a perfect miniature darkroom, so that all further activities can take place in daylight, while automatically feeding film into the processor.

When the feeder is switched to “on”, it carries out a self-diagnosis. While in operation, built-in electronic checking functions guarantee high reliability. In this way, for example, a double film is detected, returned and fed in again separately, without intervention from the user.

Multiple film sizes:
Grouped per size and per project or work piece, our films can be loaded easily in any darkroom. All film sizes from 6 to 43 cm wide and from 12 to 48 cm long can be accommodated.
The handy film magazine, in which up to four film lanes can be set up, makes the STRUCTURIX FEEDER ideal for processing films of welds. Up to 240 films per magazine (four times 60 films/lane max.) can be loaded!

Film magazine:
The FLIP-TOP magazine is best for high volume processing of the same film size. Films from 6 x 18 cm up to 43 x 48 cm can be loaded without removing the FLIP-TOP magazine. This avoids repeated manipulation of the magazine, prevents wear and tear of the equipment, and simplifies the operator’s job.

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