AGFA Structurix Thio-Test kit

AGFA Structurix Thio-Test kit

Waygate Technologies

Archivability check, The archivability of the processed film is evaluated by measuring the residual thiosulphate in the emulsion layers. The STRUCTURIX Thio-Test provides the means for performing the control of fixing and washing as described in EN 584-2 and ISO 11699-2.

The STRUCTURIX Thio-Test kit consists of:

  • the Thio-Test Color Stepwedge with four steps, which relate to the archivability expressed in number of years
  • one dropper bottle of Thio-Test reagent, of 35 ml (about 1,000 drops)

The STRUCTURIX Thio-Test also correlates perfectly with other international standards (ISO/ ANSI) for determining the archival quality of industrial X-ray film. It is a quick and simple method to determine the “life expectancy” of processed films and warns of poorly fixed and/or washed films.

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