Ardrox 8032 Black Prepared Bath

Ardrox 8032 Black Prepared Bath


Ardrox® 8032 is a ready-to-use color contrast magnetic ink ideal for the inspection of ferromagnetic materials, structures and components by the magnetic particle inspection method. A typical application is the inspection of welds, pressure vessels and pipeline in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries as well as power plants.

Ardrox® 8032 consist of very finely divided black magnetic particles suspended in high flash point, dearomatized, odorless petroleum distillate designed to provide good particle mobility. The particles have been selected for their high magnetic response, low coercivity and prolonged operational life.

Ardrox® 8032 and Base Oil HF use a hydrocarbon corresponding to the AMS 2641, Type 1 Magnetic Particle Inspection Vehicle with a flash point exceeding 93°C / 200°F.

Ardrox® 8032 is available as bulk material and as aerosol. It offers optimal performances when used together with the Ardrox® 8901W or 8903W contrast paint.

✓ ASME               Boiler & Vessel Code, Section V, Article 7
✓ CEN                   ISO 9934-2
✓ SAE                    AMS 3041/3043 & 2641 Type 1

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