Ardrox 9PR50 Cleaner/Remover

Ardrox 9PR50 Cleaner/Remover


The solvent removers Ardrox® 9PR5, 9PR50 and 9PR88 are a series of non-chlorinated, volatile solvents which are used for the removal of surface excess penetrant in the solvent removal process or wipe-off technique. They have a low sulfur and halogen content.

The Ardrox® 9PR series of solvent removers are ideal for the removal of oil, grease, and other organic contamination as a pre-cleaning of surfaces before the application of a penetrant or a magnetic ink.

Ardrox® 9PR5, 9PR50 and 9PR88 are available as bulk material and as aerosol cans.

They are typically used in a penetrant system together with the Ardrox® penetrants and developers.


✓ EN ISO 3452-2    Method C, class 2
✓ SAE    QPL-AMS 2644 (approval)
✓ ASME Boiler & Vessel Code    Section V, Article 6

Case of 12 x 16oz. Cans
Bulk Material upon request

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