Ardrox P6R Penetrant

Ardrox P6R Penetrant


Ardrox® P6R is a visible light inspection penetrant as per the AMS 2644 Type 2 and ISO 3452 Part 2, Type II, which can be removed by water or solvents. It is used in non-destructive testing for the detection of defects such as cracks, laps, cold shuts, porosity, bursts, casting and welding discontinuities. Its dark red color allows easy control and monitoring of the washing process. The product offers the highest sensitivity level according to ISO 3452-2.

Ardrox® P6R is a blend of surfactants with a low sulfur and halogen content. It is oil free and consequently offers an excellent biodegradability.

Ardrox® P6R is available as bulk material and as aerosol cans. It is typically used together with the Ardrox® range of cleaners and developers.


✓ ASME Boiler & Vessel Code    Section V, Article 6
✓ ISO 3452-2    Type-II, Method A & C, Level 2
✓ SAE AMS 2644    Type 2, Method A & C (approval)

Case of 12 x 16oz. Cans
Bulk Material upon request

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