UltraSoniX Broad Temperature NDT Couplant

UltraSoniX Broad Temperature NDT Couplant

Echo Ultrasonics

UltraSoniX is a high-performance couplant, available in two viscosities: High viscosity couplant remains in place on vertical and overhead surfaces.  Medium viscosity for spreading.

10°F to 220°F (-12°C to 104.4°C) temperature range for most flaw detection and thickness gaging applications.

Water-soluble: easy to remove

Environment and operator-friendly – no formaldehyde, nitrates, nitrites, or glycol ethers.

Lower residue than most UT couplants.

Meets FAA Advisory Circular AC 25-29 which states: Procedures need to ensure glycerin is not used on aluminum materials, as it may cause corrosion.

No glycerin as required for carbon fiber composites.

Removal: Wipe with wet or dry paper or cloth rag or water wash.


Operating Range 10°F to 220°F (-12°C to 104.4°C)
Viscosity Medium (standard) ~60,000 cps, flowable gel
High ~ 165,000 cps, stiff gel
Halogens and Sulfur Less than 50 ppm
pH 8.0 nominal at 20°C
Compliance ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code (T-533)
Conforms to FAA Circular Advisory AC No: 25-29
NAVSHIPS 250 – 1500
Nuclear grade (less than 50 ppm Halogens & Sulfur)
Packaging Carton of (12) 4-oz/118 ml bottles
Carton of (12) 8-oz/236.6 ml bottles
Carton of (12) 12-oz/355 ml bottles
1 gal / 3.8 liter, with one bottle, dispensing cap
5 gallon / 18.9 liter, two bottles, dispensing faucet
55 gal / 208 liter drum
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