Wear Resistant Transducers

Wear Resistant Transducers

Waygate Technologies


  • General purpose, metal parts with simple geometry
  • Manual Inspection of plate, large forgings, billets, castings
  • Smaller models for pipe and tube, tanks, bars, small forgings
  • Lamination, delamination
  • Bond testing
  • Thick sections or difficult to penetrant materials

Features and Benefits

  • Permanent, abrasion-resistant wear plate
  • Best match to metals
  • Higher gain reserve than protective face models
  • Fingertip models for access to tight spaces
  • Comfortable grip
  • European models have side mounted Lemo OO connectors, side mounted Microdot on K.K. and G.K. types
  • North American models have BNC connectors (side or top mount), side mounted Microdot on F type.


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