VersaSonic Couplant

VersaSonic Couplant

Echo Ultrasonics

VersaSonic® is the most versatile couplant, from high temperature to turbine rotors to extreme weather inspections.  VersaSonic is a low-toxicity, biodegradable couplant that does NOT contain peanut oil.

VersaSonic has a broad operating range of -10 to 700°F (-23 to 371°C).


Operating Range -10 to 700°F (-23 to 371°C)
Viscosity Gel and paste
Medium viscosity
High viscosity
Halogens and Sulfur Less than 50 ppm
Compliance ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code (T-533)
FAA AC #25-29 (Glycerin-free)
NAVSHIPS 250-1500
Nuclear grade (less than 50 ppm Halogens & Sulfur)
P91 Steel Inspection (Water-free)
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